greetings from California VTX rider

Detta är en gästbok. Här kan du komma i kontakt med andra VTX-ägare, men gästboken är inte avsedd till att söka svar på eller besvara teknikfrågor, etc. Låt gästboken vara just en gästbok.


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Re: greetings from California VTX rider

av Wheeler » 13 maj 2014, 09:29

I'v been trying to get my hand on one as well (as I assume a lot of vtx owners have) but without success, they are discontinued as far as I understand, a guy in the states made them I think.
Snake you lucky basterd! :-)

av Bikerboy » 02 maj 2012, 14:36

Tänkte jag skulle be lillgrabben göra en sån däringa pryl med 2 rör i slöjden! :roll:
verkar ju vara lagom komplicerat :!: :?: :lol:

Kalllas det för proton-4, sa du???

Nä, sköjja bara :oops: Faktiskt jävligt grymt & lite avis blir man allt! 8)

/BikerBoy 8)


av XY » 01 feb 2008, 23:59

€1000 ? :shock:

av snake » 01 feb 2008, 17:42

Yes, I was lucky to get a Proton-4 from Pete. He claims I have the only P4 intake in Europe! Feels good. Won't sell it even for $1000.

Welcome to our board! Most swedes speak more or less fluent english. You should have no problems communicating!

Reading our swedish posts... thats another story.

av » 31 jan 2008, 07:46

Wow, I just found a thread on The CAVTX board that BigLarry posted with Snake on it.

I missed that July thread. :roll:

Snake.. you have a proton 4!!! You are one lucky guy ;)


av » 31 jan 2008, 04:26

Bikerboy skrev:Try this one Kenny!

Thanks so much. I had a great time seeing all your bikes!!!!!!

I'm going to post your board on the CAVTX boards. feel free to stop by our boards as well.


av Bikerboy » 31 jan 2008, 00:21

av » 30 jan 2008, 23:38

Bikerboy skrev:Hello Kenny!

Check out "medlemsbilder" on the list on the leftside!

That will take u 2 the memersbike pics

/BikerBoy 8)
Can't seem to find that wording on the left. Is it it's own forum?

Could you go ther and copy the link for me and post it here until I get the hang of manuevering here?



av Bikerboy » 30 jan 2008, 22:23

Hello Kenny!

Check out "medlemsbilder" on the list on the leftside!

That will take u 2 the memersbike pics

/BikerBoy 8)

av » 30 jan 2008, 22:07

Nesse skrev:Hi there Kenny. I don't think we need to translate your greetings ;-).
Hi Nesse,

Where can I find pictures of the VTXs from Sweden?

Which model do you ride? Any pics of yours?

I clicked on your link but it didn't pull up anything but your name and blank blue page.

Today, it is about 68 degrees and beautiful riding weather. Going to ride tomorrow.. thats Southern California in the winter :D

Thanks for letting me know I don't need a translator.


av Nesse » 30 jan 2008, 18:29

Hi there Kenny. I don't think we need to translate your greetings ;-).

greetings from California VTX rider

av » 30 jan 2008, 07:23

I am sorry my Swedish is not so good, in fact I am not sure if I posted in the correct forum, but I thought it would be fun to try. Adminstrator, please move this to the correct forum if I picked the wrong one.

I know many speak english in Sweden, but in the U.S.A., they do not teach us other languages unless we request.

Recently I sold some custom VTX products to someone in the netherlands. Today I was searching google and found your VTX Riders Sweden board.

Anyways.. hello from a California VTX rider.

here is my bike

02' 1800R



Hope some of you can translate for me :)