Årsträff 2017

Detta är en gästbok. Här kan du komma i kontakt med andra VTX-ägare, men gästboken är inte avsedd till att söka svar på eller besvara teknikfrågor, etc. Låt gästboken vara just en gästbok.


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Expandera Trådhistorik: Årsträff 2017

Re: Årsträff 2017

av Nesse » 23 feb 2017, 09:39

Well Jörg...

We have become a family though the years because of our annual meetings in Sweden. We always welcome new members too, the only "issue" is that you need to own a Honda VTX 1300 or 1800 and be a member of our society, quite simple...

Be careful out there and tell us if your visiting Sweden :D :perfect:

Best Regards


Re: Årsträff 2017

av Wuschel » 22 feb 2017, 19:50

Hi Orre,

Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, then I have misunderstood the announcement of your website
Vi glädjer oss att åter få träffa vår VTX familj!!
# With a translation program:
# We are delighted to be able to meet our VTX family !!

I thought all VTX riders are welcome, in sense our "Ride In"

ok if your event is only for VTX Riders Sweden club members, no problem.

Thanks for your tip "HojRock" in Västervik" - our "Ride In" is on this weekend :-(

Thank you and best regards @ll.

Re: Årsträff 2017

av Orre » 22 feb 2017, 05:36

Hi Jörg!

I'm happy you have found our website!
And very nice of you to write in our "Guestbook"! :good:

Yes of course you are welcome to register in our forum!
This is a forum for VTX owners, so as an VTX 1300 owner you fit right in!
I understand you know how to use a translate program, so I guess you will find your way around somehow... ;)
We do prefer that our forum goes in Swedish language though, but most Swedes do understand English quite well, and quite a lot know their way around German to, so I recon you will be answered anyhow...

About our annual members meeting (Årsträff), this I understand differs from your "Ride In" in that sense it is a dedicated meeting for VTX Riders Sweden club members only. Our forum also contains a members only part, that you wont be able to access even if you register in our forum. This is where we talk about the "Årsträff".
We DO have members both from Norway and Finland though, so if you feel you would like to apply, please do!
Info about becoming a VTX Riders Sweden member here: Bli Medlem

Apart from our annual members only meeting, many Riders use to meet at "HojRock" in Västervik.
This is, of course, an open happening for all Bikers, and it's one of the biggest bike meet's in Scandinavia! 8)

Thank you for writing!
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions!

All the best
/Orre - Board member. :peace:

Re: Årsträff 2017

av Nesse » 21 feb 2017, 07:12

I'll come back to you as soon I got the answers :-)


Re: Årsträff 2017

av wuschel » 20 feb 2017, 22:54

Thanks, Nesse!

Do I need to register in your forum to find out more?
But unfortunately I don't understand swedish :-(

Can other / foreign VTX drivers participate in the "Årsträff"?

You can also answere at my email address.

Thanks and let's ride & rock...

Re: Årsträff 2017

av Nesse » 11 feb 2017, 13:49

Hi there Jörg.

Information about our meeting will soon be presented. Date is set to be from Saturday June 3 until Tuesday June 6.

The rest of information you and all others have to wait for a couple of days.... :D


Årsträff 2017

av Wuschel » 11 feb 2017, 12:50

Hej Riders,

Jag förstår ingen svenska, tyvärr.
Jag prata tyska eller engelska.

[That's all sentences , which I can in Swedish :-( ]

I drive a VTX1300 since 2003 and I am a member of the "Germany VTX Riders".
We are a community of interests of VTX and other cruiser riders.
In the last years, I have often visited good friends in Långasjö (Emmaboda kommun), Sweden. I was with my VTX on a many roads in southern Sweden.

Now I found your web site and read of a "årsträffen 2017" in the Örebro region.
I guess this is your yearly event, as in Germany the "Ride In"
In which "Ride In Germany" meet on four days up to 100 biker from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This year in june in the near from Osnabrück.

So, why do I write ....?
Also this year I would like to cruise to Sweden with my VTX.
Maybe I can combine my visit with your meeting.

When does it take place?
Can you give me more information?

Thanks and let's ride & rock...